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15/09/2022 Update .        HF antenna consulting, planning, technical and experimental research.


Old activity:

Giovannini Elettromeccanica " Antenna Systems " is a fully integrated antenna company with Research and Development,


Design, Manufacturing, Testing and Support Services.These antennas cover the RF spectrum from 1.5 to 30 MHz.


Also designs and manufactures a product line of antenna accessories including antenna towers, fiberglass masts, steel


masts ,antenna rotators, rotator controls, HF baluns.



We can build, only on order, Radio antennas only for frequencies from 1.5 to 30 MHz









                -   Smart Ham-antenna rotator , torque up to 1000 Nm , for 40 and 80 meters monobanders and large HF antennas . read more


            -   Mod. HFW2 Antenna wire, special wire for log periodic, broad band dipole, transportable antennas ...... read more


                -   Bayco , technical analysis , analisi tecnica , monofilo Bayco , per controventi , Ŕ idoneo per un utilizzo e calcolo a 1100 Kg di


                                        carico di rottura? ,pi¨ idoneo a 600 Kg? ,oppure a 350 Kg.? o a meno ..? .Is the Bayco monofilament suitable for use and


                                        calculation at 1100 Kg of breaking load?, more suitable to 600 Kg?,or to 350 Kg.?,or less.? read more EN  Leggi di pi¨ IT


                                        Controventi in Bayco, stralli in Bayco , filo Bayco per tralicci, controventi per tralicci in Bayco, controventi per pali Bayco


                               PARAFIL ROPES AND TERMINALS ... read more



                -   FOR SALE         Harris 10KW ( 15 KW ) linear amplifier 1.8 to 30 MHz ...... read more


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HF antennas , broad band log periodic , antenna rotators , masts and towers, antenna accessories ,fiberglass masts, guy ropesHF antenna systems , broad band antennas for 1.8 to 30 MHz, we have hf antenna for military body , log-periodic HF antennas ,but our log periodic antenna is fit for hf and military , the military wire log periodic with the antenna wire hfw2 are fit for tactical and fixed use.Our broad-band HF antennas or broad band antenna with fiberglass mast for tactical mast no need maintenance. Our military antenna system fit for tactical and movable use , like fiberglass mast , tactical tower or towers , guyed tower and mast, hf broad band antenna use our accessories. The guy rope in parafil fit for tower and mast. Broad band dipole and wire dipole for mitary use and professional use. Giovannini cubical quad antenna are fit for ham radio DX on 80 , 160 and 40 meters bands. The D2T and D2T-M antenna 1.5 to 200 MHz 1 KW , very small fit for movable use and Tactical use. The DX expeditions are easy with our antenna or HF antennas broad band or single band. We have also the whip antenna for HF use with some accessories. The rotatable log periodic antenna for hf with our antenna rotators or antenna rotor fit for towers and masts.See on the web page Our antenna rotators or antennas rotators. The military isolatig cables or Parafil cables or parafil guy rope fit for towers and guyed tower and masts. The t2fd or T2FD hf antenna for broad-band use in HF frequency like dipole or inverted V. The bolted triangular sections tower are fit for all hf antenna like logperiodic, log-periodic,log periodic antennas or rotatable antennas. Also our yagi antennas fit for low band, are rotatable with antenna rotators and guyed towers.Our hf antenna or hf antennas are fit for movable use or tactical use with our fiberglass mast or fiberglass masts. The dipole broadband antenna and our antennas rotators are show iside the our web pages.Fiberglass mast are dielectric and fit for movable and tactical use. Giovannini antenna factory is based in Italy with the full military and commercial products like rotatable directional hf antenna, log periodic antenna, brod band wire dipole antenna, fiberglass mast, antenna rotators and towers.